Pool Services & Architecture

What we are offering to the community and all people related to ZOI && HXX mining.


We want to protect the legitimate miners from the impact of botnets. For this we put the PoolProtect service into public testing.


Support Portal is available on https://support.chainsilo.com. All available issues related to the provided services, can be escalated trough the support portal.

Load Balancing & High Availability

We want this service to have access to as many users as possible. That's why we need to make sure that we can provide the necessary security so that everyone can feel confident about mining.

Backup Infrastructure

An important element of such a service is to reserve it. We perform daily backups the integrity of all key elements of the infrastructure. Key elements as a wallet, and the database.

DDoS Protection

Our DDoS protection works by monitoring the profile of incoming international Internet traffic targeting protected hosts on a number of parameters.


We are constantly deploying new servers around the globe in order to achive best connectivity to the miners using our pools.

Mining Pools

Configuration Steps & Components


Our primary mission with this service is to protect the pool's integrity and its proper functioning. PoolProtect is entirely developed by ChainSilo Team, and it is giving us the ability to detect malicious mining traffic. Malicious traffic means, botnet traffic, invalid shares appling, on purpose block orphaned activity etc. When such traffic is detected, no matter how many sources it have, we can put it in a black hole.

How To Mine

First you have to register to one of our pools ZOI-POOL or HXX-POOL and create you workers. Once you do that, you have download a miner for your operation system like CpuMiner. Once installed, please use following method:

cpuminer -a lyra2z330 -o stratum+tcp://zoi-pool3.chainsilo.com:3032 -u Weblogin.WorkerName -p WorkerPassword


What we strive for is not to have single point of failure. With our current architecture we are making the start and we're already working on the better version. All actions that must be taken to upgrade our architecture will be completely transparent for the regular miner.

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