Mining Pools & Infrastructure

Dedicated specialists, own servers and infrastructure. No more rented servers and services. Check our mining manuals here and start mining now !

Trusted Masternodes Provider

Effortless creation, management, and monitoring for supported currencies masternodes. Our completely trustless setup means you control your coins. We host your masternode, provide maintenance, and take care of any updates

Pools Information

Pools Features & Architecture

Pools Protection

We want to protect the legitimate miners from the impact of botnets. For this we put the PoolProtect service into public testing.

Support Portal

Support Portal is available on Support Portal page. All available issues related to the provided services, can be escalated trough the support portal.

Load Balancing & High Availability

We want our service to be accessible to many users as possible. We want to be sure to provide the best security standards for every miner/user.

Backup Infrastructure

We perform daily backups to ensure the integrity of our infrastructure. Key elements as wallet and the databases.

DDoS Protection

Our DDoS protection monitors the type of incoming international Internet traffic ensuring protected hosts always.

Fast & Easy

The community may use our predefined mining archives using cpuminer-opt to start instantly mining. Check them here

Knowledge Base & Resources

Our clients can check our sources and materials prepared for start mining right away or to order a masternode setup. You may check them here

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Supported Coins

Supported Coins

This is the list of the coins that we are supporting


Why to choose ChainSilo over others

We are a community driven company that wants to help all CPU based crypto-currencies fighting against centralization. Our main mission is to support the development of all CPU crypto-currencies by providing different services. We aim to provide our audience the best experience togheter with profit.
We are a subsidiary of a technology company whose main business is dedicated to the provision of telecommunication and datacenter solutions. By this way, we do not use leased equipment from other providers such as servers, internet connectivity storage arrays, and more. We believe by this way we can guarantee a better service by combining it with well-trained staff responsible for specific tasks.
Yes, we are constantly looking for new coins to help in their development. If you are a member of a coin team or just want to share your opinion, please email us at:
In each Discord channel you will meet a member of our team who will gladly try to help you instantly with your problem. If this can not be done, you have to use our Support Portal and a member from our team will contact you later.

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